Just 'B' Support SessionJust ‘B’ bereavement support

Bereavement is a normal and natural response to death and most people who experience it come through safely with the help of family and friends. But for some, who experience more complicated grief, they may need professional support. Bottled up, these emotions can have damaging psychological, emotional and physical consequences for individuals, their families and society as a whole.

How can Just ‘B’ help?

Just ‘B’ offers support to children, young people and adults who have been bereaved.  Services include:

  • Face to face, one to one support
  • Written and verbal information about bereavement
  • Remembrance services
  • Crisis support for children and young people
  • Bespoke training for professionals
  • Advice and information to professionals

How can I access Just ‘B’ bereavement support?

We make no charge for our services and they are available to any child, young person or adult living in the Harrogate District who is experiencing bereavement.  Adults are welcome to contact us directly about using the service but we ask that children and young people are referred by a parent, carer or worker involved in their care.

We work closely with our health and social care colleagues in the local community and we encourage you to discuss the option of bereavement support with them. These professionals can also make referrals to the service.

Once your referral has been receieved, an assessment is carried out and the help offered is matched to your particular needs.

If you would like to talk to one of our team about how Just ‘B’ could help you and someone you know, please telephone (01423) 856 790 (children and young people) or (01423) 814480 (adults).  We kindly ask health and  social care professionals to read the referral information contained in the Professionals section of this website before contacting us.

Just ‘B’ School’s Emotional Wellbeing Service

We work with local schools to support children and young people with wider emotional wellbeing. Please go here for more information about this service.


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