A poem written for us by Polly, who used our services following a bereavement



Thank you

You listen and reflect,

Get to know who I am,

It’s important I trust you

Just Be


Calm and steadying

You help me explore

Understanding and honesty

Just Be


Unlock the closet

Walk in the trees

Talk and ask questions

Just Be


Make notes, write letters

Go back to that time

Imagine their lives

Just Be


It’s OK to cry

Forty years is a lifetime

You were a child

Just Be


Take your time

Here’s something to read

Do things for you

Just Be


Acknowledge others

What are they feeling?

We are all different

Just Be


Look to the future

As well as the past

Share memories and photos

Just Be


Accept what you know

And what you can’t change

Enjoy each moment

Just Be


Send loving thoughts

Be kind to yourself

Embrace what you have

Just Be


Time now to fly

Listen carefully, don’t rush

Remember we’re here

Just Be


Your help is invaluable

Thank you so much

My world is now different

It’s time

To just be