Our 2024-27 strategy


Our 2024-27 strategy

We’re pledging to be here for 50% more people over the next three years.

No-one should have to face terminal illness alone. No-one should have to struggle with their mental health without the help they need. But today, across the UK and right here in our community, too many people are. That’s not right and it’s not fair.

We’re Just ‘B’, and along with our family of services, including Herriot Hospice Homecare and Saint Michael’s Hospice, we’re here to make a change.

As your local hospice care and emotional wellbeing charity, we’re here to make sure everyone gets the right support, at the right time, in the right place.

We pledge that in the next three years, we’ll be here for 50% more people. Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Improving and expanding our current range of services providing hospice care.
  • Improving and expanding our current range of services providing mental health and bereavement support.
  • Introduce new services that will reach unmet need in line with our mission.

This includes:

  • Doubling the number of people accessing our wellbeing services.
  • Growing the number of children, young people and adults accessing our Just ‘B’ services to 2,400.
  • Training all of our staff to deliver services and support which meet our Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement commitments.
  • Offering 50% more services in the community.
  • Care for 240 people across our two inpatient facilities.
  • Launching new services which will help an additional 325 people.

Together we are Herriot Hospice Homecare, Just ‘B’ and Saint Michael’s. Together, we’re here.