Coping with exam results

Coping with exam results

Exam results season can bring a mixture of fear, jubilation, anxiety and relief for many young people – and their families!
Whether you’re dealing A-Level results, or nervously waiting for GCSE results , our Just ‘B’ emotional wellbeing team have collected together some thoughts for students, parents and carers, which may be useful at this sometimes challenging time.

1: Remember that life is always changing.

• A helpful first step when dealing with worries about the future is to accept that life is always changing. This can be a good thing!

• With change comes opportunity – for personal growth, for discovery, for adventure. As we learn to adapt to our new circumstances, we’re reminded time and again of just how strong and capable we are.

• Think back to previous stressful experiences and how you dealt with them. What did you do to then to get through the situation? What can you do to improve your situation now?

2: Focus on what’s in your control.

• So many things are up in the air at the moment, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. A helpful way of managing uncertainty and gaining a sense of stability is to focus on what IS in your control.

• Try to keep to a daily routine, including walking in nature, pursuing hobbies and chatting to friends, for example. Taking practical steps like this greatly improves not only our sense of productivity, but most importantly, how we feel.

3: Be in the present moment.

• If your mind keeps wandering back to the uncertainty of the coming weeks and months and you’re experiencing a spiral of ‘What if…?’ questions, you could try some breathing, mindfulness or meditation techniques.

• This can be especially helpful for recognising when your thoughts are spiralling and grounding yourself in the present moment instead. There are lots of free resources online.

4: Take a moment – and another moment! – to consider how resilient you are.

• You’re stronger than you know. Be kind to yourself and try to stay positive. Remind yourself of what you did well – whether in coursework, exams of other parts of your life.
Exams aren’t everything – you can still be successful in life and exam results do not define who you are as a person.
Whatever happens, there is usually a ‘Plan B’. However your results went, there’s a lot to think about and there are lots of options open to you. But you can get help with any decisions you need to make. Speak to your family or teachers about next steps.

5 : Spend time with people who you feel comfortable with.

• Talk to supportive parents, teachers, friends, and other people who want you to succeed. Be around people who help you feel more positive. And don’t compare yourselves to others.
• Everyone is on their own unique journey, and who you are will always be more important than what you achieve.

6: Talk it out:
If you’re upset, disappointed, or worried about your future and need to talk, remember you can call our confidential Hear to Helpline on (01423) 856 799 between 8am and 8pm seven days a week.