Just ‘B’ Bereavement Support

Just ‘B’ is a bereavement support service that exists to offer people living in the Harrogate district a safe and confidential space to understand and express their grief. Our vision is of a community where individuals get the support they need to understand and cope with bereavement. Just ‘B’ offers practical support to children, young people and adults who have been bereaved, as well as information and advice for the professionals working with them. We are responsive to people’s individual faith, culture and community. We make no charge for our services and these are offered in a safe and confidential environment.

At Just ‘B’ we believe that with the right support, at the right time, children, young people and adults can find a way to manage their grief and embrace a future where they can live and remember their significant person in a healthy and positive way
Clare Godden, Senior Bereavement Support Worker

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